TYPO3 Headless in the Composable Commerce & microservices architecture

The talk will highlight the advantages that TYPO3 can offer in a composable setup. Even before the term headless CMS was coined, TYPO3's inherently decoupled architecture allowed for "headless" solutions. Using TYPO3 does not mean that you have to build a large, monolithic portal where all functions are based on a CMS.


With the TYPO3 Headless Initiative, TYPO3 goes one step further. 


See how it fits into the Composable Commerce Ecosystem, where you can choose the best system for each task without losing a consistent UI experience across all systems. See how you can continue to take advantage of TYPO3's many capabilities and extensions, while gaining independence in your choice of systems.


We'll share experiences from real projects with TYPO3 Headless, including corporate websites, large B2B sites and user-centric portals.

Tymoteusz Motylewski

TYPO3 Headless Initiative leader.

Active in CMS and e-commerce community for over 13 years. Former TYPO3 Core Team member. Co-founder and  CTO at Macopedia.com. 

Tymoteusz focususes on delivering high performance ecommerce and PIM B2B solutions which are a crucial part of digital transformation in every company. 

When and Where?

The TYPO3 Headless in the Composable Commerce & microservices architecture session happens during the TYPO3camp Berlin-Brandenburg 2023 on 3 June in at 11:30-12:15

Detailed location:
Technische Hochschule Brandenburg
- Audimax -
Magdeburger Straße 50
14770 Brandenburg an der Havel

Workshop ticket:

Our sessions are part of the Camp, participation is covered under standard sessions tickets, to be purchased here.